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Human Resources Division


The Human Resources Department provides personnel management support in the areas of:

  •  Recruitment and Staffing
  •  Regulatory & Compliance and Employee Management Relations
  •  Human Resources Information Systems, Records and Benefits
  •  Position Classification & Compensation and Training


It is the policy of the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority under the purview of the Board of Trustees to set forth the fundamental character of the system of personnel administration governed by rules and regulations, consistent with merit principles, the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity, and the powers of the Board and the Hospital Administrator/CEO pursuant to 10 GCA §§ 80109(n), 80110(c.1.), 80112, & 80113 of the Guam Health Act of 2010.

The purpose of the Personnel Rules and Regulations is to support GMHA’s mission of delivering quality and safe healthcare services to the community by providing the latest employment regulations and promoting the best personnel management practices in order to attract and retain a competent work force governed by the highest level of professionalism. 

The Hospital Administrator/CEO:

  • Is responsible for the enforcement of the Personnel Rules and Regulations and all other applicable statutes.
  • Advises the Board of Trustees on policies and procedures concerning personnel management matters.
  • Provides for initial and periodic orientation or training to all employees concerning the provisions of the Personnel Rules and Regulations.
  • Makes copies of the Personnel Rules and Regulations readily available/accessible for all employees.
  • Delegates, as appropriate, personnel management functions and the implementation of the Personnel Rules and Regulations for the efficient and effective control of employment and personnel-related operations of GMHA.

Managers and Supervisors:

  • Administer the Personnel Rules and Regulations in the daily operations of GMHA and in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.
  • Follow the spirit and intent of the Personnel Rules and Regulations to promote fairness and impartiality in the workplace.
  • Are guided by the Personnel Rules and Regulations in the implementation of best personnel management practices to increase employee engagement/fulfillment and to improve program efficiency and effectiveness.


Above-step Recruitment Transparency and Disclosure Notices:

U.S. Department of Labor’s Permanent Labor Certification Program:

Class Standards Amendments: 

Petition for Creation of New Positions:

Petition for Amendment of Position:

Petition for Abolishment of Position:

If you wish to comment in writing, please send your comments to Tony C. Aguon, Personnel Services Administrator at tony.aguon@gmha.org  or email to human.resources@gmha.org. Comments must be received within ten (10) workdays from the date posted.

For Questions or Comments, please direct your email to the Human Resources Department, Call us at (671) 647-2171 or Fax us at (671) 647-9215.