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Doc Sanchez Scholarship for Government of Guam Employees

Pedro “Doc” Sanchez Professional Scholarship for Career employees of the Government of Guam – Fall 2021 Semester  

Courses offered at GMHA under the American Heart Association and American Academy of Pediatrics

Annual AHA/AAP Calendar:

2021 Emergency Cardiovascular Care Training Program Calendar

Pre-course Letters:

ACLS Heartcode Precourse Letter 2021
BLS Accelerated Heartcode Precourse Letter 2021
BLS Initial Precourse Letter 2021
PALS Heartcode Precourse Letter 2021

For your convenience, the Education Department tries to keep stock of the course books. Call to see if the book you need is in stock. The books can also be purchased from the following websites:


Resources of online Education opportunities that are free or low cost

GMHA Education Department Staff:

Renee Veksler, MA, Health Educator III
phone: 647-2351
email: renee.veksler@gmha.org

Cassandra Castro, Employee Development Specialist II/Training Center Coordinator 
phone: 647-2350/647-2350
email: cassandra.castro@gmha.org