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Physicians Online Training

2022 Patient Safety Online Training

2022 Patient Safety Awareness Online Training

Compliance Office Trainings

Basic Patient/Resident Rights (All hospital staff and Medical Staff Providers)

Medication Administration from a CMS point of view (RN’s, LPN’s, Respiratory Therapist, Radiology Technologists, Medical Staff)

Infant and Pediatric Security (All GMHA Staff)

Interim Life Safety Measures (All GMHA Staff)

CMS Expectations for Protocols and Standing Orders (All Clinical and Medical Staff)

Violence in the Workplace (All GMHA Staff)

Infection Control Physician Annual Trainings

2020 Prevention of CAUTI

2020 Prevention of CLABSI

2020 Prevention of SSI

2019 Infection Control Annual Fair Online Makeup Training

2019 Cumulative Antibiogram and Its Limitations

2019 Antimicrobial Pearls

2019 Prevention of Superbugs (MDROs, CDI)

2019 Think TB, Minimize Exposures

2019 Defining VAE

For New Medical Staff ONLY

Acknowledgement Statement and Post Test

General Orientation Packet

GMHA General Orientation Team STEPPS Online Training Part 1 for Medical Staff

GMHA General Orientation Team STEPPS Online Training Part 2 for Medical Staff

Annual Online Trainings

Disinfection of Noncritical Patient Care Equipment

2021 SLS Training Video

2020 Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Awareness Online Training

2020 Bullying in the Workplace Online Training

2018 Discharge Planning Training for Physicians

EMTALA Awareness Training for Medical Staff

2018 Fall Prevention Program Hospital-Wide Training

HIPPA Privacy and Security Online Training/Testing

2017 Optimum IMED Updates for Go-Live Online Training

2017 EOC Online Exam