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At GMH, we commit to providing heartfelt care because we know what your life means to those around you.

Public Service

We value being of service to the people of Guam and the important role we play in our community.

Quality Care

We honor the level and quality of service Guam deserves throughout the patient experience.

With Respect

We embody Guam’s unique spirit of inafa’maolek and is at the core of our care and work we do.


Alesia Ogo
Chief of Rehabilitative Services

I look forward to coming to work daily as I know that I can make a difference, not only in serving the people of Guam, but also this region of the world. I’m able to practice my profession as an occupational therapist and a certified hand therapist. It makes me feel so proud to see the progress that my patients make and be with them during an event that has changed their lives.


total full-time staff, including nurses and administration, as of April 2018