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Visiting Hours & Policies

Under normal circumstances, we welcome visitors because we know in-person visits are an important part of the recovery process for our patients. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, times are changing rapidly and we must do everything we can to prevent the spread of this virus and protect our patients, workers, and our island community. In order to accomplish this, we continuously monitor the situation and adjust our visiting policies accordingly. Effective Wednesday, March 10, 2021, visiting hours are as follows:

Visiting – Modified hours of immediate family members for Non-Covid patients ages 75 and older.


  • At the end of life, for religious services only.
  • Children/Minors, patients with disabilities, high risk patients, one (1) authorized visitor/caregiver for children/minor patients; patients with disabilties; or patients who are high risk for falls, suffer from dementia or serious ailments; or patients who require a guardian is authorized. Overnight stays will only be permitted if the hospital can accommodate it.
  • Labor & Delivery: Patients may designate one (1) support person during labor and delivery stay. The rotation of support persons is not allowed.
  • Obstetrics Ward: Patients may designate one (1) support person during postpartum stay. The rotation of support persons is not allowed.
  • Nursery/NICU: Parents of Nursery/NICU patients may contact the unit, via the operator at 647-2330/2252, to schedule 15-30 minute visitation, or a virtual visit using electronic devices.

Religious Services

  • End of life, in-person religious services are permitted and shall be initiated by the patient or family; approved by the attending physician in communication with the unit charge nurse and house supervisor; and arrange the date and time for service with the clergy designated by their religious group.

The patient or family will communicate the date and time of service with the unit charge nurse who will then notify the house supervisor and security.

Clergy members who are designated by their religious groups will only be authorized entry after undergoing training by the GMHA.

The designated clergy members will be issued an identification badge by the Human Resources Department which must be worn at all times while on premises. After checking in with security, the clergy member may proceed directly to the unit where the service was arranged.


  • All others, may be arranged virtually with the unit where the patient is located.
  • All religious services are subject to a reasonable time if it can be provided without disruption to care.

Visitors for PUis and COVID-19 patients must consent to an Acknowledgement of Responsibilities & Waiver of Liability re COVID-19 for Non-GMHA Employees/Staff