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Thank you for your interest in volunteer work at the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority, the only civilian hospital on island dedicated to caring for the people in our community.  We are pleased that you chose to volunteer your services to the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority.  Many of you have been driven to volunteer for a school requirement, a community service requirement, or just the desire to help people. Volunteers play an important role in patient satisfaction and add an extra touch of personal service and care to our patients. Your generous gift of time and talent is invaluable to us.  As a volunteer, you help us succeed in the delivery of our stated mission To provide quality patient care in a safe environment. 

Here you will find information on how to volunteer at the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority.  We look forward to getting to know you in the coming months.  As a Guam Memorial Hospital Authority volunteer, we sincerely hope that your role will prove to be a rewarding experience as well as an enjoyable one.  Once again thank you for choosing the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority.

In-House Volunteer Program


Becoming a Volunteer: 

We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and abilities.  Due to the nature of care being delivered at the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority, all volunteers are carefully screened and matched with assignments that are well-suited for them.

Age requirements: 

Anyone age 14 years and older is eligible to become a volunteer.

Placement process: 

Complete the attached Volunteer Application Packet

  • Have a Physical Examination by your private physician.  Physical Exams done within the last six (6) months will be accepted.
  • Complete the Employee Health Questionnaire Form
  • Have a Tuberculin Test (PPD) done and documented on your shot record.  A Tuberculin Test done within the last three (3) months will be accepted.   If you are a positive converter, you must obtain a clearance from your private physician or from Public Health.
  • Bring in your Shot Record
  • Drug Test – Have your drug test done at Reliance Testing, Pacific Human Resources, or Diagnostic Laboratory Services.  Your results must be submitted to us in a SEALED envelope
  • Police and Court Clearance(for 17yrs of age and above)

Please turn in all your documents to the Hospital’s Employee Health Department located on the 4th floor, across from the Chapel.

Please Note:  The placement process is meant to ensure the safety and well being of patients and families as well as the confidence and success of volunteers.

Attend a General Orientation: 

After you are cleared by our Employee Health Department, the In-House Volunteers Coordinator will call and schedule you for a general orientation.

Orientation will include:

  • Our mission and vision
  • Volunteer Opportunities – Where would you like to help? (i.e., Lab, Pediatrics, etc.)
  • Volunteers Job Description, Professional Ethics, and Volunteers Responsibilities
  • Patient Confidentiality/HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act)
  • Hospital Safety Codes
  • Safety (Fire, Material Safety Data Sheet, etc.)
  • Infection Control/Hand Washing Protocols
  • Hospital Policies
  • Volunteers Policies and Procedures
  • Benefits of being a Volunteer

Below are the Forms that is needed to be completed to become a In-house Volunteer:

  1. Volunteer Application Form – Click here to view PDF.
  2. Volunteer Physical Exam Form – Click here to view PDF.
  3. Volunteer Application Form Rules – Click here to view PDF.
  4. Confidentiality Statement – Click here to view PDF.
  5. Release and Waiver of Liability Form – Click here to view PDF.

For more information on GMHA’s Volunteer Program, you may contact our In-House Volunteers Coordinator at 647-2104

GMH Volunteers Association

Join the GMHVA, an organization of over 100 members of volunteers who provide services to hospital departments directly and to patients, visitors, and staff.

Visit gmhvolunteers.org to learn more