Logo: Guam Memorial Hospital Authority


From the GMHA Website Task Force:

Welcome to the new and improved website for the Guam Memorial Hospital! We put a lot of care into designing this new site, and we really poured our heart into it. We hope you love it as much as we do. Let’s explore some of the new features together!

But before we look at the site itself, let’s take a glimpse at our brand new logo. A shield is the symbol we chose, because all around the world, shields are used to represent protection, defense, and professionalism. These tenets are important to us as a hospital, and we wanted to “carry” that message forward to you (a reference to the caring hands upholding the shield). Inside the shield are four quadrants separated by a white cross (another universal symbol representing healing). The upper-left signifies that we are LOCALIZED: we are honored and proud to know our island and its amazing people better than anyone else. The upper-right represents the PEOPLE of GMH, our hardworking staff who are dedicated to serving others. The lower-left represents ACCESSIBILITY: first, that we accept all patients, regardless of their ability to pay; and second, the connective and collaborative spirit in the hospital, with all of us working together toward a common goal. The lower-right symbolizes the CULTURE in our hospital, the connective and collaborative spirit in which we all work together toward a common goal: to provide the best safety and care with professionalism. Our new logo fits us so well, and we love it!

The website itself features a top bar which includes the the most basic things a person would need, which are the phone number and map to the hospital. (On a mobile device, just tap on the number to give us a call, or tap on the map to get easy directions from anywhere on island.) There are also magnifying glasses with which you can increase or decrease the size of the website on your screen, or search the entire site with ease.

One element of the website is an innovative (and very cool!) feature hidden just below the surface. Just play around with the “Tab” and “Enter” buttons on your keyboard to start exploring our ADA-friendly features! This makes it very easy to jump around to different parts of the main page, and to search the website.

Just below the top is something one might describe as a mega-menu, and it’s brand new. This menu is so intuitively laid out, we think visitors to the site will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for in the snap of a finger. The menu is separated into five sections:

1. Patients & Visitors (floor maps, amenities, policies, etc.),
2. Find a Doctor (search or browse by name or specialty),
3. Areas of Care (a gallery showcasing different sections of the hospital),
4. Explore GMH (learn more about our story), and
5. About GMHA (information about the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority).

Again, almost anything you would ever need can be found in this mega-menu, and if it’s not, it can likely be found at the very bottom of the site, where the site index resides.

Right below the mega-menu is a link to explore our facilities. Click to go to a page with photos and interesting statistics from our hospital.

Back on the main page, a little bit beneath under the mega-menu, is a box that is akin to a main lobby. On the left, quick links. In the center, an announcement widget featuring any pressing or important information, with photos just below. On the right, a social corner with testimonials from actual patients of the hospital, and a place where you too can fill out and submit a patient experience survey to give us some feedback.

You’ll notice beautiful design and iconography all throughout the site. We paid attention even to small, subtle details which most people would never notice, such as rounded corners on boxes which allude to safety, and shadows beneath photos which make them appear to pop out of the page. More noticeable on the site are its beautiful icons which really suit the sections of the page in which they are placed. You’ll also notice how the website just seems to flow like water when you scroll down.

Try it now. Scroll beneath the main lobby, and you’ll be greeted by photos of our amazing staff hard at work. But notice: the photos are laid out in the shape of a cross, with a heart in the middle. This heart depicted in the center of the staff photos alludes to the fact that all our team members provide for our patients with a care that starts from the heart. People really are the beating heart of GMH.

Below the cross is a timeline that tells you a little about our history. Today, we’re Guam’s only public hospital, and we’re also Guam’s only designated COVID hospital. But that’s today. We weren’t always where we are now. But the entire time, from our founding in 1946, up through to the present, we’ve always had that heart of service for the people of Guam. And for history buffs who may wonder what the “Memorial” in our name stands for, wonder no more, because the answer can be found in the timeline. And just under the timeline is a nifty little feature that bring us back from history clear into the present: a small collection of statistics that mark various milestones we’ve reached up to the present time.

With the beauty, intuitive nature, and ease of use of the new site, we hope you’ll enjoy exploring it as much as we do. We made this site not just for us, but especially for you.

There’s so much more we could show you, but despite that, we will only point out one final thing. Just below the statistics, A CALL TO ACTION. We love our hospital. We are proud of it, and we are humbled to be able serve the people of Guam in it. So it is our hospital. But it is also yours. This portion of the site is dedicated to any who might be inclined to give back to the hospital, whether it be by volunteering; joining our proud, talented and dedicated staff; donating; or for businesses interested in partnering with the hospital through procurement opportunities. We love Guam Memorial Hospital, and it is an honor to be a part of it. We want to share that honor of being part of the hospital with you. Join us in serving the people of our island through GMH.

Because it’s not just any hospital…

It’s ours.