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GMHA Joint Commission Efforts

Like all healthcare organizations, the GMHA has a dedication and vision to provide safe, high-quality care, treatment, and services to the individuals we serve. It is this dedication that compels GMHA to improve our services and processes to provide even better, safer care in response to the changing needs of our community and the changing environment of the health care industry.  One of GMHA’s efforts towards improvement is seeking accreditation through The Joint Commission (formerly known as Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, JCAHO). Accreditation provides

 many benefits including:

                1. Strengthens community confidence in the quality and safety of care, treatment and services

                2. Provides a competitive edge in the marketplace

                3. Improves risk management and risk reduction

                4. Helps organize and strengthen patient safety efforts

                5. Provides a framework for organizational structure and management

 And many more…..

The GMHA Accreditation Committee was established to spearhead the organization’s quest for Joint Commission Accreditation. It is a multidisciplinary team that comprises several subcommittees which are aligned with the Joint Commission Standards. Consultants, team leaders and members have been active in performing self-assessments, addressing corrective action plans, and providing guidance to the hospital with the goal of attaining Joint Commission Accreditation by 2009. The key to success lies with everyone’s full commitment in making safe, high-quality patient care our first priority