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Regarding Religious Service Needs During COVID-19

  • End-of-life, in-person religious services are permitted and shall be initiated by the patient or family; approved by the attending physician, in communication with the unit charge nurse and house supervisor; and arrange the date and time for service with the clergy designated by their religious group. The patient or family will communicate the date and time of service with the unit charge nurse who will then notify the house supervisor and security. Clergy members who are designated by their religious groups will only be authorized entry after undergoing training by GMHA.
  • All others, may be arranged virtually with the unit where the patient is located.
  • All religious services are subject to a reasonable time if it can be provided without disruption to care.

Visitors for PUIs and COVID-19 patients must consent to an Acknowledgement of Responsibilities & Waiver of Liability re COVID-19 for Non-GMHA Employees/Staff.

Regarding Elective Surgeries & Outpatient Services


Translator services are available for the following languages:  Chamorro, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Pohnpeian, Chuukese, Yapese, Kosraen, Ulithian, German, Spanish, and Palauan. GMHA uses the services of CyraCom for foreign language translation and American Sign Language. Additionally, many staff members at GMHA are bilingual.

Pastoral Care

A Pastoral Care Coordinator is available to serve your spiritual and emotional needs as well as those of your family and friends.  Inasmuch as daily visits to every patient is the goal of the Pastoral Care Department, this is not always possible.  The nurses and doctors work closely together to identify patients with pastoral care needs.  Upon request, reading materials, rosaries, and Bibles will be provided.  The Pastoral Care Department is located next to the Chapel on the fourth floor. In addition, clergy of all faiths are welcome to visit patients.

To request for a priest or chaplain, please contact the Charge Nurse on duty or the Pastoral Care Coordinator at 647-2394.

Guest Relations Services

Patient advocates are available at GMHA and meet with patients for a variety of reasons. They evaluate satisfaction levels with hospital services and inform patients of their rights. Hospital policies and services are also explained to patients as well as their right to make end-of-life care decisions through the use of an Advance Directive (Living Will). As patient advocates, the staff also investigates grievances and complaints. To speak with an advocate, please call 647-2503 or 648-7981.

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