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HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ACT)

Guam Memorial Hospital Authority has set measures to implement this new federal law that requires that health information be kept confidential.  The laws also requires standards for accessing and disclosing information in a healthcare setting.  The standards give expanded patient rights to see their medical record, to obtain a copy, and request an change if appropriate.  The regulations also permit healthcare providers to make disclosure from normal business requirements like payment and treatment operations.  But, providers must keep disclosures to a minimum necessary to get the task done.  Providers are required to make available to patients a notice of our privacy practices which lists their rights regarding protective health information, and what information needs their consent before being released.

Meet the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority HIPAA Team

  1. HIPAA Compliance Officer – Aurora Cabanero, Hospital Risk Management Program Officer – aurora.cabanero@gmha.org
  2. HIPAA Privacy Officer – Acting Medical Health Records Administrator – sera.rios@gmha.org
  3. HIPAA Secuirty Officer – Vince Quichocho, Hospital Information Technology Administrator – vince.quichocho@gmha.org
  4. HIPAA Team Member – Geri Tainatongo, Personnel Specialist IV – geri.tainatongo@gmha.org
  5. HIPAA Team Member – Jeffrey Ventura – Safety & Security Administrator – jeffrey.ventura@gmha.org
  6. HIPAA Team Member – Dolores Pangelinan, Acting Hospital Materials Management Administrator – lola.pangelinan@gmha.org 

HIPAA Policies:

  •   Patient Privacy Guide for Media – PDF
  •   Notice of Privacy Practices –  PDF
  •   Patient Consent to the Use and Disclosure – PDF
  •   Confidential Information – PDF
  •   HIPAA Privacy and Security Policies – Click Here